Editorial: Glitchy Madness

By James 'Gyme' Pagel
Instead this is only one of a few thousand.

Glitches have many forms in video games, sometimes they are amusing, other times they are downright frustrating. This week Gyme talks about glitches and how developers have become too lax on having multitudes of glitches in their “finished products”.

MAP Episode 63: Chaos

By Lusipurr
Actually, Oliver has the complete series on Blu-Ray. It came with a complimentary bag of grits. And a cock in his butt. At least, that

Produced 2010.05.02 In a massive conjunction of NASCAR, pornography, potatoes, farts (& butts), and the works of Pablo Picasso, the five-member panel manages to produce fully an hour of absolutely nothing whatsoever, leading Nate to throw himself onto the floor in a tantrum.