Editorial: Getting Back on the Horse

By Mel
Not that my friends will let me forget for long. Hit enter!

Mel try, try, tries again with some games he once gave up on. In particular he touches on some PC strategy games that he has little talent for but is nonetheless determined to give another chance. Why has he done this? Is this even a good idea? Find out!

Editorial Miscellany: Sweetoden Bros

By Ethos

Ethos was very excited to download Suikoden II and start his very first playthrough of the game this week, but he also took a long pit stop to play nothing but Smash Bros. Is he enjoying Suikoden? And what exactly is Sexy Shulk Wars? Read and find out!

Editorial: Of Absence and Fondness

By Mel
But at the moment that would only add one game to the collection.

Mel has composed a short article discussing his general hangups with replaying old titles and exploring exactly how and why this happens. Sometimes even playing through new games goes unsuccessful in the difficult life of a videogame player!

Editorial: The Atypical Experience

By Mel

Mel discusses the review process as games start to get gargantuan in size and rope off content for release day. Do these things present a problem for the review process and do readers always get the full picture? Give it a review in the comments!