Editorial: Change the Channel

By Mel
Likely to be released across five or more episodes, one per week.

Mel discusses episodic game releases this week, both their ups and downs. Adopting a release schedule like this could take off with more publishers as it meets success with others, but will it always be that way? Weigh in on Mel’s prognosis!

Editorial: Sad Pander

By Mel
GUYS, remember Sonic?! Haha, ok!

Mel discusses cheap and lazy ploys to get attention and appeal in gaming. Whether it is re-releases, self referencing, or out of place social issues, gaming has been rife with examples of pandering to players’ base interests. Join the discussion!

Editorial: Choices Are Strange

By Java
Bathrooms are strange.

With little else to do in his evening holding pen, Java turns to adventures where choice seems to matter. Life is Strange and Telltale’s Game of Thrones both offer player choice in two different ways. Is one better than the other? Java wants to find out.

Editorial: Remastered or Recycled?

By Mel
Pre-rendered backdrops for the win.

Mel looks at remasters this week in both a positive and negative light. Older titles were often unbound by the obsequious practices of modern gaming, which is nice, but a flood of remasters would be far from nice! Flood the comments and be nice (or not)!

Editorial Miscellany: Familiar Places

By Ethos
This game has not grown on me.

After a few weeks of Majora’s Mask, Ethos is back to his old self with his return to Editorial Miscellany. That is correct, he wanders aimlessly across topics in true mediocre form. Meeting middling expectations: that is the Ethos guarantee.