Editorial: The Value of E3

By Mel
Guys? Get...get ready? Hello?

Mel takes a look at E3 as May comes to a close and June can be seen around the corner. Is there any real value to this gigantic and expensive expo or is it all so much fluff and hot air? Read on to see Mel’s take on it and probably someone’s disagreement!

Editorial: Defining ‘Gamefeel’

By Mel
But it will have to wait until a Steam sale and a computer upgrade. Dem grafix.

Mel seeks to nail down exactly what it means to describe a game’s “gamefeel”. The term is used often enough and without sufficient specificity that he feels it necessary to examine the term and what it means for a game to have either good or bad gamefeel.

Editorial: Nostalgia, Wave 2

By Mel
I like the stained glass imagery, I just hope it

Unlike the tragic Wave Two of amiibo, the second wave of nostalgia is full of good old memories and successful Kickstarter campaigns. Follow along as Mel looks at why this second wave is coming and what it can mean down the road.

Editorial: Levity

By Ethos
Off course.

Ethos examines comedy in video games by opening with a premise, exploring that premise with examples and then asking the readers to participate in the discussion. How frightfully exciting!

Editorial: Greenlight Round-Up, Vol. 24

By Bup
I guess my overwhelming need to torture myself.

Here is a secret little insight into Bup’s life. Every few days, he puts on an Ethos mask, puts on the clothing from Ethos that he stole, and walks around downtown Michigan singing a song in which the only lyrics are “kiss me, I am Ethos!”

Editorial: Mods and Prices

By Mel
This one is possible from a collaboration of no fewer than three mods from three different authors.

Mel discusses the recent issue of paid mods on Steam, which thankfully are of no concern. Although they may come back later, come inside to see his thoughts on why they present more problems than they are worth.