Editorial: Chess Mania

By Sebastian
Tabletop Simulator Chess SLIDER

Chess was invented before the computer, but that has not stopped modern technology from embracing this ancient game, with many computer-powered incarnations, released on virtually every platform, over the years. We will explore a few today.

Editorial: Free Hidden Gems of 2016

By Adeki

Adeki stops for a moment to smell the cherry blossoms, only to realize that his wallet is completely empty due to the trees stealing all his cash. Now Adeki ventures forth to find free games and shares his newfound information with the people. Read on!

Editorial: Text-Based Adventures

By Sebastian
The Hobbit 1982 SLIDER

Reading is a skill best served in text-based form, with letters strung together to make words, sentences, and the other things that combine to create stories. If English is your language, and gaming your passion, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Editorial: Making the Switch

By Adeki
Yooka Laylee SLIDER

Adeki cancels his promised self on the Nintendo Wii U and decides to port his stupidity to the Nintendo Switch after a Kickstarter campaign. Will fans be angry that their promised console is being left to dry, or are they all ready to make the Switch?