Editorial: Bust a Nut, Not a Move

By Adeki
Seems like cartoon boobies just do not do it like they used to for the youth of today.

King Bup reigns over Adeki’s editorial skills and decrees that a post must be written about three of gaming’s horniest characters. Adeki gladly accepts this mission and cranks away at an editorial that will uplift the heart amongst other things.

Editorial: Sega of the Union

By Adeki
Does a better home await you? In the sky? Or with a better developer?

Adeki crafts his own magnum opus as he destroys a once beloved franchise of his and rips it a new one. No longer will the Blue Blur stand tall in children’s hearts as Sega continues to self-destruct with terrible titles being released each year.

Editorial: Is Steam-Power Efficient?

By Adeki
Just like when someone brings a fat guy to a cannibal party and it turns out he has freezer burn. It is a common occurrence.

Adeki takes on a steam-powered giant and observes the reception of Steam Machines, the Steam Controller, and the Steam Link in order to find out if they ended up being worth it. Do gamers actually like the Steam Controller? Read on to find out!