Editorial: Bayobreaking Hearts

By Adeki
Nearly every single one of her attacks is amazing to watch and creative in their own way.

Adeki takes it into his own hands to complain about the shortage of Bayonetta on the Nintendo Wii U despite its critical acclaim and obvious sex appeal. Unfortunately, Kanye West has already cursed out Adeki because of this editorial. Drat.

Editorial: Text to Text

By Adeki
Analgesic means painkiller and unfortunately can not be made into a funny joke about butts. Sorry.

Adeki braves the daunting dungeons of reading and finds video games based on novels that even the most out of the loop skater bro can enjoy. Warning: those who are allergic to reading are discouraged from clicking because this editorial contains words.

Editorial: Crowdfunding Nostalgia

By Adeki
Maybe it will be released, maybe it will not! It is a really fun metagame.

Adeki examines Tim Schafer’s success in crowdfunding and sees how its influenced other young entrepreneurs into making video games. Should we entrust thousands of dollars to Devin to make a “Star Wars” RPG ? Read on to find out!