Editorial: Pixel Fantasy 76800

By Sebastian
Doing more at 256x224 than any modern game could ever hope to match.

Sony’s PlayStation brought us epic, multi-disc RPGs, but the technical limitations of the system resulted in games that do not look as good today. Conversely, SNES titles often look very good on modern displays, leading to this resolution exploration.

Editorial: Pimp My Wii Starring Xzibit

By Adeki
Nintendo Wii SLIDER

Adeki blows off a comically large pile of dust that was previously covering his Wii and decides that it has spent too much time sitting around and it needs to get a job. Will Adeki be able to get his Wii re-employed in a post-okra economy? Read on!

Editorial: A Fresh, Independent Breath

By Adeki
Shadow Warrior Classic Complete SLIDER

Adeki dons his off-brand Indianapolis Johnson hat and decides to venture into the caves to find video games that are not Steam. In a world where Steam seems to be a one-stop shop, what do other video game websites have to offer? Maybe lasagna? Read on!

Editorial: Games! for Jeb!

By Adeki

Adeki bets it all on Jeb! and writes an editorial all about games that he believes Jeb Bush would appreciate due to their stylish titles. Are these games actually Jeb! worthy or are they as sad as Ted Cruz answering phones for Trump? Read on to find out!