Editorial: Myth Building

By Mel
Gotta love all the weird story bits of the Mario games that have fallen to the wayside. The bricks were once toads? Birdo

It is another esoteric week in the mind of Mel as he tackles some vaguery or another about myth building in videogames as well as the rose tinting of nostalgia. Old things get placed on pedestals and simple things get complex in this week’s column!

Editorial Miscellany: New Light

By Ethos
It could change EVERYTHING.

Ethos is falling out of love with Shadow of Mordor and is warily approaching Peggle 2. Did PopCap evade EA’s bottom line with their peg-based sequel unlike their greedy plant-based sequel? The answer is sorta, but not really. Spoilers.

Editorial: Greenlight Round-Up, Vol. 10

By Bup

Sometimes, Bup forgets to write an excerpt. This is one of those times. Luckily, Lusipurr is here to save the day and write a new excerpt–and, at the same time, to give Bup’s Steam Greenlight mini-‘Reviews’ a new name: the Greenlight Round-Up!

Editorial: Loopy

By Mel
But he gives GREAT loot!

Mel looks at specific qualities that make a game addictive and fun. They involve many familiar mechanics, such as grinding, but what else? Games need more than just a grind to keep the player in that loop. Curious? Reach level twenty to get the answer!

Editorial: A Smashing Primer

By Mel
But still only about HALF of what the newest game has!

Mel cracks open his encyclopedia of gaming knowledge and puts together a short primer of Smash Bros. technical terms. As a lead up to his review of the 3DS entry in the series, take a look at these terms and become more familiar with competitive play!