Editorial: PS VR Disappointed

By Adeki
For the low price of over $500 players can experience a virtual Alfred.

Adeki straps on his Playstation VR headset and experiences a virtual reality where the games being released on it are actually good. Unfortunately, he later got motion sickness, so now he is back in reality to critique current PSVR games. Read on!

Editorial: Bugs Can Not Bug a Dancer

By Adeki
Shame that it turned out he stole hair from the homeless.

Adeki decides to de-evolve even further from a weird type of primordial human to a bug-sized creature in order to live among his newest editorial subject. Do bugs just bug gamers? Or can bugs lead gaming into a new revolution? Read on to find out!

Editorial: A Dark Roast of Gaming

By Adeki
Coffee, water, maybe even...tea?

Adeki takes a sip of coffee as he works on this editorial, and decides that coffee is totally a suitable topic to talk about in an editorial. So, Adeki takes a dark, bold, and latte-esque trek down the path of coffee in video games.