Editorial: SacAnime Summer 2016 Write-Up

By Adeki
But that girl on the left is like nuh-uh. width=

Adeki took three days out of his busy schedule of eating tacos to attend an anime convention known as SacAnime. As a gift to the readers of this site, he kept notes and decided to write up the splendors and atrocities he witnessed. To know more, read on!

Editorial: The Indie Premium

By Adeki
Flannel and sinful fingers.

Adeki, along with four dedicated game developers, wrote this editorial over a period of five years to see if indie games charge too much for their content. Are indie developers overcharging the consumer, or do their limitations even out? Read on!

Editorial: The Lincoln Ultimatum

By Adeki
Track One: Freein

Adeki adorns his ornamental top hat and grows a luxurious beard in order to experience the life of former President Abraham Lincoln. Which video game best interpreted Abraham Lincoln as not just a President, but as a person? Read on to cast your opinion!

Editorial: Picture Adequate

By Adeki
His name? Adolf Rapidash, the third.

Adeki blows the dust off of his Polaroid and takes a picture examining the screenshot/camera function in video games? Is the truth a blurry mess or a clear picture of what is to come in the future? Read on to find out!