Editorial: Choices Are Strange Redux

By Java
...or slovenly psychological nightmares? Is there nothing in between?

Even in a time of war, Java will carve out a few hours for story time with a pointy clicky. This week, he tackles the second episode of Life is Strange. Is it possible to write more than a thousand words about such distant gameplay? Java aims to find out.

Editorial: Handling the Skill Gap, Part 2

By Mel
And actually, a lot less useful...

Skill in games between players is one thing, but a game pits the player against themselves to overcome the various challenges present within. How a player is meant to progress is important, and Mel discusses how some games handle that better than others.

Editorial: Nintendo Poops the Bed

By Java
Boom. That about sums it up.

While Java was still deliberating how to spend his Club Nintendo coins before that gets buried in its final resting place, he picked up a scent on the wind that led him to musings on Nintendo’s next membership service, some new hardware, and mobile games.

Editorial: Handling the Skill Gap

By Mel
No thanks. That

Despite a growing trend toward low-skill games, a majority of games require the player to have or obtain certain skills to complete all of its content. Mel looks at some different ways this fact is approached, both for good and ill. Read on and comment!