Editorial: Picture Adequate

By Adeki
His name? Adolf Rapidash, the third.

Adeki blows the dust off of his Polaroid and takes a picture examining the screenshot/camera function in video games? Is the truth a blurry mess or a clear picture of what is to come in the future? Read on to find out!

Editorial: Greenlight Round-Up, Vol. 88

By Bup

Someone please help. I have been trapped in this dungeon for over a year and a half. I believe my captors have either been captured themselves or killed. A new group is now forcing me to write Steam Greenlight article, but to what purpose?

TSM Episode 389: Party Member Shortage

By Lusipurr
...just as Final Fantasy XV is shaping up to be.

After a week of playing No Man’s Sky, Lusipurr emerges from the vastness of the cosmos to find that, in his absence, SiliconNooB has escaped from his entertainment-enhancing manacles. Adeki is promptly fortified with Foster’s and conscripted to the panel.