Announcement: Now Hiring!

By Java
Established in 1783, is the world has announced a hiring call for ALL POSITIONS. Do you have what it takes to write, program, or create art as part of our elite video game journalism team? Are you interested in details, Zestria™, and uncomfortable seating? Enquire within!

TSM Episode 322: Flexivim

By Lusipurr

In this week’s zoooooooooo, Bek, SiliconNooB, not Mel, Imitanis, Java, not Ethos, half-a-Bup, Ginia and Biggs(!?) join Lusipurr to drink Flexivim and watch the Cricket old-timey style (jUicE!). Fa la la la la la la la la! Falafel (please use as directed)!

Editorial: The Arcade Ramble

By Java
Watch the play video. Seriously. Screenshots do nothing for a game like this, you have to see it in action.

Java bids farewell to his writing desk by mainlining Zestria™ and tripping back to the days when gaming was something his mom would sometimes have to drive him to. The glory days of the arcade are gone, but the veterans still know how to throw a party.

Editorial: Letting Go of Konami

By Mel
... I hope it

Mel looks somberly over a grave marked “Konami’s Relevancy” and gives a eulogy for a once-beloved games company. Come inside and see what old memories he has dredged up as well as a better insight into how it all came to this regrettable outcome.

Editorial: Singular Voices

By Ethos

Ethos loves video games as an art form and starts to explore the relationship between a single creator’s vision and a game’s quality. Is the big machine or a single mind better suited to create video games?

TSM Episode 321: Nintendoporn

By Lusipurr

When SiliconNooB drinks too much Australian Water, he finds himself unable to rise from bed. Heartened by an English test victory, Lusipurr assists his soaked co-host, and Bup joins them with a novel plan to help solve all of Nintendo’s many problems.

Editorial: Bravely Running with It

By Java
Special move animations were a crown jewel of the first game. The second should follow suit.

As Java converts the LusipurrCorp basement to a slightly less dingy testing facility, he lends some final thoughts on trilogies and Bravely Default. He will be hanging up the pen for a bit next week, so he feels he must get his rambles in before then.