Anime: Winter 2017, Week 12

By Durga Syn
Akiba's Trip SLIDER 4

Join Durga as he dives into not quite the final week of anime, but the final week for some of our shows this season! excitement abounds as we say our farewells to a couple of our shows. Come along and see if they end well or disappoint!

TSM Episode 421: Rex Futurus

By Lusipurr
Angel of Grief Monument SLIDER

Imitanis, SiliconNooB, and Scum Thicko McGee join Lusipurr in reporting on opposite examples of game console production and video game development, before the Round Table is at last ended and the next podcast reading is announced.

Anime: Winter 2017, Week 11

By Durga Syn
Miss Kobayashi SLIDER

Join Durga as he recovers from the previous weeks mistakes and watches the current week with renewed hope for some of the Winter anime season! Will they be able to recover from the mistakes made previously? Read on to find out!

Editorial: Shantae’s Progression

By Adeki
Shantae Half Genie Hero SLIDER

Adeki laid awake at night for the past week, with no one aside from Shantae on his brain. Is the most recently-released title he reviewed a step up from previous Shantae games? Or are they stuck in a rut of average quality and increased visuals? Read on!