Editorial: The Trailers

By Java
No, it

Given that Java has fallen woefully behind the rest in terms of owning new systems, he spends more time watching video game trailers than actually playing the games…save for Bravely Default. However, he will not be talking BD this week. Trailers it is!

Editorial: Change the Channel

By Mel
Likely to be released across five or more episodes, one per week.

Mel discusses episodic game releases this week, both their ups and downs. Adopting a release schedule like this could take off with more publishers as it meets success with others, but will it always be that way? Weigh in on Mel’s prognosis!

TSM Episode 312: People of Walmart

By Lusipurr
These are the things I can do without.

When England goes down to one of the worst defeats in ODI history, SiliconNoob, Imitanis, and Mel rush to console Lusipurr with pictures from Wal*Mart. Traumatised, the Dear Leader takes to his bed. But worse, Scottish defeats loom just around the corner.

Editorial: Sad Pander

By Mel
GUYS, remember Sonic?! Haha, ok!

Mel discusses cheap and lazy ploys to get attention and appeal in gaming. Whether it is re-releases, self referencing, or out of place social issues, gaming has been rife with examples of pandering to players’ base interests. Join the discussion!