Editorial: All Anime Goes to Heaven

By Adeki
Actually, he almost looks like a primordial Prinny.

Adeki goes two-dimensional as he embarks on a quest to find three spectacular video games based upon anime franchises. Are these titles as fun to play as their anime are to watch? Or are they just cheap cash-ins off quality products? Read on to find out!

Editorial: Greenlight Round-Up, Vol. 71

By Bup
WOW! A bush AND a tree?! Who woulda thunk it?

As an apology for last week’s shortened Greenlight Round-Up, Bup brings us a SUPER-SIZED edition! And by SUPER-SIZED he means it’s the same size as all the others and he doesn’t give an F that last week’s was super short. Eat me. Him. Whatever.

Editorial: Eating Video Games

By Adeki
There is also a sequel coming out hopefully this year or the next, so stay tuned!

Adeki, being the porker himself, decides to take a bite out of food-based video games. Is food just used as a trophy-topic to sell more titles, or can video games enhance their beauty in ways unseen before? Make sure to keep reading to find out!

TSM Episode 371: Family Matters

By Lusipurr
We don

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB consider Nintendo’s changing audience demographics and unchanging business attitude, the decision to make Final Fantasy XV the first car-boot-based JRPG in history, and the shocking arrogance of the Final Fantasy VII Remake devs.