Music: A Wizard Has Died

By Zoltan
Pay no attention to the title of the song. It

The Legendary Zoltan says goodbye to with a heart-felt speech and an equally heart-felt piece of original game music. Will Zoltan’s final work solidify his ‘legendary’ status or will he have to change his name to “The Ordinary Zoltan”?

Music: My Friends May All Be Dead

By Zoltan
All the sashimi you can eat!

The Legendary Zoltan takes us back to the Final Fantasy VI play-through. This was the first music track ever submitted to Since then, technology has progressed and new consoles have been announced. Will Zoltan’s track stand the test of time?

Music: Take Us Away

By Zoltan
Now all we need is a Vanille song...

Tasked with producing something ‘light’, ‘pleasant’, and ‘beach-appropriate’, The Legendary Zoltan has to dig deep. The locomotional result is a smooth, lounge jazz track written in collaboration with Selphie Tilmitt, and sung by some guy on the internet.

Feature: 2012 Worst of the Year

By Ethos
A winner is you!

Every year there are fantastic games and there are terrible games. Enough outlets focus on the Best Of, so is here to provide relief! Read on to find out what the elite staff of this glorious website deemed to be the Worst of 2012.