TSM Episode 53: Celebrationcast

By Lusipurr
Celebrate good times. C

In an effort to bring the latest POSITIVE and UPLIFTING news to gamers, Deimosion and Lusipurr hijack the Trans-Pacific Cable normally reserved for Australian use. In a Lusipurr.com first, the news is almost entirely good: great games are on the horizon!

TSM Episode 46: Revenge of the Bup

By Lusipurr
Seska may be hot, but Elim Garak is the best Cardassian ever.

Deimosion and Lusipurr attempt to discuss the opinions of Shigeru Miyamoto and Markus Persson, but Bup disrupts the reporting with a bumper crop of non-news. When SiliconNooB finally makes his own tardy appearance, the podcast truly goes off the rails.

TSM Episode 36: Man Hands

By Lusipurr

Coming to grips with the week’s news, the podcast panel handily assembles to grasp the nettle of some controversial topics. Also: the panelists discuss their lack of hands-on experience with Wild Arms, all without placing the finger of blame upon anyone.

Editorial: Eclectic distilled nonsense

By Julian 'SiliconNooB' Taylor

Itagaki gives a qualified apology How times change. In a time not long past, mentioning the name ‘Itagaki’ would instantly evoke an image of an obnoxiously frank anti-Playstation troll making unapologetically hardcore titles for the masochistically inclined, and for anyone not following his fortunes closely this would undoubtedly still be the case. If readers were more »

MAP Episode 56: Lady Gaga Is Not News

By Lusipurr

Produced 2010.03.14 When Nate Liles best efforts to insert strategically Lady Gaga into the podcast, Lusipurr brings down the hammer on him and his fellow conspirators. Final Fantasy XIII discussion makes up the balance of this episode, including guest panelist Oliver Motok!