Editorial: Mods and Prices

By Mel
This one is possible from a collaboration of no fewer than three mods from three different authors.

Mel discusses the recent issue of paid mods on Steam, which thankfully are of no concern. Although they may come back later, come inside to see his thoughts on why they present more problems than they are worth.

TSM Episode 277: A Just World

By Lusipurr
Lusipurr says,

Lusipurr and Iliya settle down for a delightful evening discussing the Cricket, the litigiousness of the video game industry, the necessity of justice in fair game design, and the likelihood of a long and successful life for Nintendo’s beleaguered Wii U.

Editorial: A Steamy Box

By Gyme
Steam Console and Controller

Valve turned heads at CES this year when they revealed that the Steam Box is a reality. Does Valve’s Steam Machine have what it needs to compete with console stalwarts or will it be just another option for PC gamers looking to upgrade?

Editorial: Opening the Valve

By Imitanis
Just don

Valve have taken the next step towards living room domination this week with the announcement of specs and pricing details for their new Steam machines. Imitanis looks at each tier of machines to see what the consumer is getting for their money.

Editorial: A World Without Gabe

By Imitanis
Not to be confused with George R.R. Martin.

Steam has become a phenomenon in PC gaming. With so much power over the fate of gaming, what would happen if Gabe were no longer in charge? Imitanis looks at the problems that could arise should Gabe die or decide to permanently leave Valve.