TSM Episode 333: Earthbound Memories

By Lusipurr
Thank you, Iwata.

When SiliconNooB goes on a bender to celebrate sudden Australian ascendancy in the Ashes, Lusipurr is forced to call up Bup for a thoughtful look at Satoru Iwata’s influence on game development, with both panelists choosing to focus on EarthBound.

Editorial: Characters To Die For

By Java
Seriously, though. What a shitbag.

Java has been tremendously quiet, lately. We assumed by his looks of contentment that he had retrofitted the basement to be an opium den. Nope. He is just really enjoying Bravely Default, which leaves him reminiscing about past joys in gaming this week.

Editorial: Aversion and Nintendo Advertisements

By Mel
I recall seeing it on rental shelves and being a bit unimpressed by the setting at the time. My loss.

This week Mel runs back to his safety blanket of Nintendo themed discussion and takes a look at their advertisement strategies over the years. It does well to demonstrate the company’s aloofness and cunning all in one subject matter. So click on through!

Editorial: Earthbound Starmen

By Tsubaki
...and was worth every penny of the $120 I spent on the cartridge in 2012

Nintendo recently made the decision to price gouge anyone interested in Earthbound on the Wii U virtual console. Tsubakisamurai takes a look at the strained relationship between Earthbound fans and Nintendo, and some of the awesome content it produced.

TSM Episode 109: Earthbound

By Lusipurr
One fears that such will ever be the case as long as Nintendo has its tentacles wrapped around MOTHER.

Nintendo, bowing to pressure, at last releases Earthbound on the Wii U Virtual Console, but the decision to price it above Nintendo’s own stated maximum price incurs the wrath panelists Lusipurr and SiliconNooB; and Sabin makes a fine guest appearance.

TSM Episode 96: JRTGamer

By Lusipurr

It has been a rough week for Lusipurr! Following the battle at the Lusipurr.com offices, his podcast is crashed by Sabin, Paws, Ethnic Man, and Mr. Taciturn. Nevertheless, our dauntless hero forges ahead against the villainous supporters of the JRT!