News: Passing the Time

By Biggs
What game was Kirby Link in?

Nintendo celebrates the anniversary of Zelda while mourning the shortcomings of the 3DS, the extremes of arrow-based dancing are tested by a California woman, and TopWare thinks you have beautiful eyes.

Editorial: Resistance Is Not Futile

By Ethos
Resistance 2 Screenshot 2

Resistance is a surprisingly personal franchise for Ethos yet the series has dropped off his radar. He got a chance to try out Resistance 3 recently. Did the experience draw him back, or convince him he made the right choice by forgetting about the games?

News: Captain Planet!

By Biggs
We have given up making new characters, have some Dissidia.

This week, a scatterbrained Biggs strings together a series of stories that have no reasonable connection whatsoever. Release dates, misogyny, terrorism, and pink sparkles all come together to form the strangest Captain Planet the world has ever seen.