Preview: Conquest of Champions

By Imitanis
Previously known as Conquest of Galmaria

Free to play card game are popping up all over the place, and Imitanis has been fortunate enough to check out the latest addition to the genre. Does the Alpha of Conquest show enough promise to put on the same level as Hearthstone? Find out inside!

Preview: Godus

By Imitanis
Provided they have enough patience.

22Cans have released an early access beta of Godus on Steam. Has Peter made any lofty promises this time around, or are we witnessing the rebirth of the god game? Find out inside.

Preview: Trine 2

By Thea
Zoya: She

Thea is given the opportunity to spend some time with the upcoming Trine 2. Will this game live up to its predecessor? Or will it, like so many other sequels, be doomed to mediocrity?

Preview: A Visit to X11

By Ethos
Xbox X11 Game Menu

Ethos has not played his Xbox in quite some time. He was, however, invited to the annual X11 Xbox event in downtown Toronto. Did the fancy venue and rows upon rows of gaming stations sway his favour back in the 360’s direction?