TSM Episode 322: Flexivim

By Lusipurr

In this week’s zoooooooooo, Bek, SiliconNooB, not Mel, Imitanis, Java, not Ethos, half-a-Bup, Ginia and Biggs(!?) join Lusipurr to drink Flexivim and watch the Cricket old-timey style (jUicE!). Fa la la la la la la la la! Falafel (please use as directed)!

TSM Episode 321: Nintendoporn

By Lusipurr

When SiliconNooB drinks too much Australian Water, he finds himself unable to rise from bed. Heartened by an English test victory, Lusipurr assists his soaked co-host, and Bup joins them with a novel plan to help solve all of Nintendo’s many problems.

TSM Episode 318: Eastertides of War

By Lusipurr
Eventually to be replaced with

A twenty-three week reading concludes with SiliconNooB and Imitanis in attendance. Lusipurr imposes further sanctions as the Zestria War grinds ahead, and then dispenses helpful advice to hardware developers about what to leave out of console development.

Review: Axiom Verge

By Lusipurr
Come on, you poor unfortunate soul. Go ahead! Make your choice!

With his review pen firmly in hand, Lusipurr finally dusts off his PlayStation 4 and settles down to a much-anticipated evening in front of the television for some quality time with Tom Happ’s ode to classic platforming-exploration games, Axiom Verge.

Announcement: Z

By Lusipurr

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