TSM Episode 264: Cyrus Bieber

By Lusipurr
The whore of Babylon, certainly; but which?

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, Durga Syn, and Imitanis open the heavy tomes of LusiProphecy to reveal the fate of the video game industry–dark times lie in store for a world already made supplicant to the evil desires of Cyrus Bieber, villain and antichrist.

TSM Episode 263: Miley Cyrus News

By Lusipurr
Yellow gorilla? Baby chicken? Sentient mustard monster?

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB suit up and plumb the depths of Lady Gaga news and Miley Cyrus news in an effort to forestall any Bup-based disruptions, but the Australian Sempahore gives out and Lusipurr is forced to employ secret technologies to save the day.

TSM Episode 261: Bup Helps Out

By Lusipurr
A life in plaid.

Bup drops in to help out Lusipurr and SiliconNooB with the seemingly impossible task of reporting the news. Rebecca Black suddenly arrives to show off her latest hair-style, and everyone else is improbably absent for the job of reporting the weekly news.

TSM Episode 259: Outlander

By Lusipurr
Guess who the wave is.

Lusipurr develops a fascination with 1992 Genesis post-apocalyptic action driving game Outlander, whilst panelists Bup, Imitanis, Blitzmage, Gyme, Mel, and Brock battle it out for the right to ride shotgun, enjoying the dulcet tones of Miley Cyrus.