Review: Wildstar

By Iliya
Jane! Stop this crazy thing!

From refugees of Blizzard Entertainment, Carbine Studios brings an immense, impressive, and immutable experience that shows the passion that many an MMO creator seem to lack as of late.

Review: Luftrausers

By Iliya
Yorick is back, and he is PISSED!

There is good reason to shoot at anything that moves in Vlambeer’s Luftrausers. Everything else will shoot back quickly, violently, and accurately. And that is just the way old school gamers like it.

Editorial: Gaming Needs Nintendo

By Iliya
Does anyone else hear the 50s Hygiene PSA music in the background?

For good or ill, Nintendo’s presence in the video game industry is vital for its survival. For all the mistakes the company has made throughout the years, they still represent a much needed core of how the industry progresses.