Editorial Miscellany: Vitafied

By Ethos
Scale it back, Vita.

Ethos finally owns a PlayStation Vita and is really, really enjoying it. What about the system does he like most and which games have caught his attention first? Click, read, find out, and then have the knowledge forever!

Editorial Miscellany: Like a Rogue

By Ethos
But friendships carry over lifetimes. Just like reality!

Ethos has been trying his hand at a few roguelikes recently and he is surprised to find that he has enjoyed every one so far. Click inside to see which games he has exactly been playing and whether or not he is an idiot for liking them.

Editorial Miscellany: Pretendo

By Ethos
Seriously smooth, silky, and pretty.

Ethos got the chance a week ago to play a number of Nintendo games that were revealed at E3 and he decided to write about this for this week’s Editorial Miscellany. Efficiency or laziness? Read on to find out!

Editorial Miscellany: A Confused Game

By Ethos
Although the N64/PSX era had a rough time.

In this edition of Editorial Miscellany, Ethos discovers the Super Nintendo for the first time and launches into praise for timeless games and how they are important to guide the current confused generation of games to eventually find their way.

Editorial Miscellany: The Problem

By Ethos
Try again, Nintendo.

Ethan played one Nintendo game and watched another. He has good things to say but sees the ways in which Nintendo has been its own worst enemy by looking at some of their design choices that occasionally operate in contradiction.