Editorial: The Long Sink

By Ethos
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Ethos takes a look at how he takes a look at video games by reflecting on Dragon Age: Inquisition, Kingdom Hearts II and also by looking ahead to the next Zelda entry. He finds, among other things, that time is the most important dimension in video games.

Editorial: New Super Mario RPG

By Ethos
But I write about it as though I have!

Ethos has been playing many incarnations of Mario RPG games recently and considering how it has been seven years since a Mario RPG appeared on a home console, he speculates on what the next one could – or should – look like.

Editorial: Inspiration

By Ethos
I have a nice office and a stock photographer on retainer.

Ethos is sick of coasting and discusses some thoughts on what inspiration is and how it relates to video games, conversations about video games, and his own writing. Pretend that was an exciting description.

Editorial Miscellany: Sweetoden Bros

By Ethos

Ethos was very excited to download Suikoden II and start his very first playthrough of the game this week, but he also took a long pit stop to play nothing but Smash Bros. Is he enjoying Suikoden? And what exactly is Sexy Shulk Wars? Read and find out!