Videos: Smooth Castlevania Jazz

The videos for this week include Lusipurr completing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Reetin becoming a tiny bit lost in Lost Odyssey, and Sebahamut exploring the world of Final Fantasy VI.

Sebahamut’s Sanctuary – 12 Feb 2017: Final Fantasy VI (Part 2)

Sebahamut learns how to run faster with sprint shoes.

LusiPlays LIVE! – 13 Feb 2017: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Part 3)

Lusipurr completes the last third of the game, and shares with the viewers the wonders of SMOOTH CASTLEVANIA JAZZ.

Reetin Aloft – 14 Feb 2017: Lost Odyssey (Parts 3a and 3b)

Reetin is really bad at boss fights.

Reetin Aloft – 15 Feb 2017: Lost Odyssey (Part 4)

Reetin rescues a dog.

Reetin Aloft – 16 Feb 2017: Lost Odyssey (Part 5)

Reetin conducts funeral arrangements at the direction of a juggalo.

LusiPlays LIVE! – 17 Feb 2017: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

Lusipurr races through the introduction, spending two hours before he can do ‘Link things’.

Sebahamut’s Sanctuary – 18 Feb 2017: Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos

Sebahamut demonstrates that spending a game’s entire development budget on Patrick Stewart’s voice can have a serious impact on the overall quality of the game.

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  1. Lusipurr
    Posted 2017.02.19 at 20:23 | Permalink

    “I am the wind,
    I am the sun,
    And one day
    We’ll all be one.”

  2. Cari
    Posted 2017.02.19 at 22:36 | Permalink

    Worst part of the remakes is that they remove that song… I actually kinda like it. Least they could have done is put Nocturne in it’s place.

  3. Lusipurr
    Posted 2017.02.24 at 00:53 | Permalink

    @Cari: It’s a TERRIBLE song!

    I’ve beaten SotN on the PSP (as part of the Dracula X pack), but I thought that they still had that song at the end. I must be misremembering–with what did they replace it?