TSM Episode 428: Carpe Diem

By Lusipurr
To Love Ru Darkness 2nd SLIDER

Lusipurr is joined by Adeki, Sebahamut, and SiliconNooB, as they uncover the reasoning behind the suprising release of the Toast XL. In addition the panel examines Ireland’s Test Cricket application, and scorns Bethesda’s infamous litigiousness.

TSM Episode 56: Santorum Claus

By Lusipurr
With the off-kilter look of the cast of a Tim Burton film, the Santorum family look less like humans and more like infernals wearing ill-fitting human costumes. At any moment, any one of them might cough, gag a bit, and vomit up twelve semi-digested human heads.

Lusipurr and Blitzmage team up with Imitanis in World of Warcraft, gaining twenty levels in the space of a few hours; SiliconNooB proposes moving the Lusipurr.com offices to a field in the English midlands; and Hilary Clinton is the new fat princess.

MAP Episode 94: Mahomet Says Meow

By Lusipurr
If it wasn

Produced 2010.12.05 Legal Eagle Lane and Australian SiliconNooB match wits in a podcast completely jam-packed with all of the news YOU want to know about, including: Guiness, Cricket, Television Sets, Cats, Theology, Cellular Phones, Web Browsers, Sheep, and GAMING, too! * * * * * * * Do you want a Winter game playthrough? If more ยป