Editorial: Rewarding Inactivity

By Adeki
The Stanley Parable Office SLIDER

Adeki lies about, he sleeps for a few hours, and sometimes he just writhes on his bed listening to DeBarge. But Adeki ponders to himself, “what if video games rewarded me not playing them?” The search begins for games that reward inactivity, so read on!

Editorial: The Indie Premium

By Adeki
Flannel and sinful fingers.

Adeki, along with four dedicated game developers, wrote this editorial over a period of five years to see if indie games charge too much for their content. Are indie developers overcharging the consumer, or do their limitations even out? Read on!

Editorial: Mel’s Games of the Year

By Mel
Unfortunately it wasn

This week Mel makes a list article about his most memorable games of the year. Though not necessarily the best games of the year, these stood out to him above all the rest that he played for one reason or another. Give a click and see which games made it.