MAP Episode 65: Like Clockwork

By Lusipurr

Produced 2010.05.16 The panel explores the week’s releases, including 3D Dot Game Heroes and… well, nothing else. There’s also Final Fantasy X to discuss–but a far more important matter intervenes: the TIMELY arrival of Lusipurr’s new wall clock. Get it? Ha! Ha!

MAP Episode 64: A Waddletwats Reunion

By Lusipurr
Of an evening, he and Ethan often play a game of

Produced 2010.05.09 Special guests Waddles and Twats of Waddletwats return to for a reunion. Waddles is shown to be nothing more than an anthropomorphous Eeyore, and Nate does his best to provide a graphical representation of the two special guests at work.

MAP Episode 54: Where’s the News?

By Lusipurr

Produced 2010.02.28 Without decent news once again, the panel resorts to hurling slurs and epithets at each other. Obsessed with music of the 1980s, Nate Liles does his level best to seize the reins perforce using the magnificent weapon of his velveteen voice.