TSM Episode 452: Pyro Takes Flight

By Lusipurr
Pyro and Saxton Hale Team Fortress 2 Art SLIDER

When the podcast recording falls on Lusipurr’s birthday, SiliconNooB gives him the gift of flight. Shortly thereafter, in a fluke accident, Adeki leaps high into the sky and over a cliff, before Imitanis follows him in a suicidal death plunge.

Videos: Bolding Going Nowhere

By Reetin
Star Trek Enterprise Warp Speed SLIDER

Imitanis goes to the stars in Stellaris, Reetin completes Chrono Trigger, plays Castle of Illusion, and boldly goes in a bad Star Trek game, and Adeki fails at Crash Bandicoot.

Videos: Reetin Needs to Shave

By Reetin
Bloodborne Art 02 SLIDER

Imitanis tries to get some oxygen in Oxygen Not Included, Reetin dies a lot in Chrono Trigger, and Adeki talks very quietly into his mic while he plays Bloodborne.

Videos: ChronoBound

By Reetin

Durga starts his playthrough of Earthbound, Reetin starts his playthrough of Chrono Trigger, Adeki finishes Wario Land games, and Lusipurr plays games from The Summer of Smash II.