Videos: Durga Streams

By Reetin
Mighty No. 9 Art SLIDER

Sebahamut continues Final Fantasy VI (he is terrible), Durga’s first stream is Lufia II, Reetin starts Blue Dragon, Lusipurr plays five NES games, and Adeki shows off his skills at Mighty No. 9.

Videos: Sebahamut Has Feelings

By Reetin
Overwatch Tracer SLIDER

Sebahamut inches ever closer to the end of Final Fantasy VI, Reetin plays the new game mode in Overwatch and cannot whip diagonally in Super Castlevania IV, and Lusipurr talks to Sebahamut about his love life while playing Super Mario All-Stars.

News: An Oculus Gift to Zenimax?

By SiliconNooB
PlayStation VR SLIDER

There is a good chance Oculus Rift could implode in the next two weeks following the conclusion of Zenimax court battle, Nintendo has been caught selling illegally dumped ROMs, and Sony likes to provide statistics without context in the news of the week!

MAP Episode 100: Achievement Unlocked!

By Lusipurr

Produced 2011.01.23 In a podcast described as “better than Shakespeare”, the staff and guests assemble to celebrate the completion of one hundred episodes of the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, replete with fart noises, horns, and a phone call to the Montok. Enjoy!

Editorial: Old-School Nostalgia

By Bup

I recently saw the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (which was excellent and you should all see it like eighty times), which started a conversation between a friend and I about old-school videogames and our memories with them.  This in turn made me bust out my old NES and Super Mario Bros. 3. The more »

Editorial: The top three dastardly video game mutinies

By SiliconNooB

At the time of writing my former colonial cousins of the Americas will have recently enjoyed their annual celebration of mutiny most foul, whereupon they laud their cultural achievements of NASCAR, remaking Death at a Funeral for the Rob Schneider generation and the discovery of 351 different ways to fry a chicken, while shunning the more »

Editorial: Villains of the week

By SiliconNooB

Babby games are just like Mario You hadn’t planned on buying project babby? Perhaps you would care to rethink your sensible lack of purchase intent because babby is just like Super Mario Bros., or so says Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda. If you think about a game like Mario Bros., would you say Mario Bros. is a more »

MAP Episode 67: Educational Programming

By Lusipurr
The correct answer to

Produced 2010.05.30 With all of the usual panelists on the bus to E3, only Lusipurr and Ginia remain behind to cover the news. Luckily, guest panelist Eric Jordan has remained behind as well. The three cover the news, educationally, with all the puns that are fit to podcast.