Editorial: Greenlight Round-Up, Vol. 88

By Bup

Someone please help. I have been trapped in this dungeon for over a year and a half. I believe my captors have either been captured themselves or killed. A new group is now forcing me to write Steam Greenlight article, but to what purpose?

News: Plastic Tat

By SiliconNooB
Welcome to the world of shitty ARM CPU emulation!

Nintendo reanimates the legacy of the NES in order to push plastic tat, Valve gets serious about stopping Steam item gambling, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions director laments Nintendo censorship in the news of the week!

TSM Episode 384: FurCast

By Lusipurr
...All we know is, he

When SiliconNooB and Lusipurr discover that not only does Adeki’s mother identify as a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, but that his father is a furry as well, the staff come together to celebrate how furries improve the world of online multiplayer video gaming.