MAP Episode 71: Lusi’s Shinglescast

By Lusipurr
You can FLY outside of battle!

Produced 2010.06.27 After a week of posting absolute nonsense, the staff finally decides to really drive a nail into their Fearless Leader’s coffin. Nate Liles explodes, leaving only Australians and Canadians behind. Meanwhile, Lusipurr comes down with Shingles.

MAP Episode 67: Educational Programming

By Lusipurr
The correct answer to

Produced 2010.05.30 With all of the usual panelists on the bus to E3, only Lusipurr and Ginia remain behind to cover the news. Luckily, guest panelist Eric Jordan has remained behind as well. The three cover the news, educationally, with all the puns that are fit to podcast.

MAP Episode 62: Video Games Are Art

By Lusipurr
The Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast

Produced 2010.04.25 Lusipurr has ruled that Video Games Are Art, and hence the summary judgement upon Roger Ebert is, “off with his head!” When the decapitation is complete, this week’s panel (Lusi and the Tits) manages to discuss some of the week’s more interesting news.

News: Blame the Interbutts

By Biggs

Drop Your Pants and Grab Your iPhone Fans of the anime series Gurren Lagann and Evangelion will be thrilled to know that now you can take your 2d dream girls with you wherever you go.  On Wednesday, a new application was offered not only to Japanese users, but those in the U.S. as well, allowing more »

MAP Episode 60: Interstate Booty Call

By Lusipurr

Produced 2010.04.11 On her way out the door for a cross-state lovefest, Biggs has just enough time to record a podcast with Prince Edward Island’s famous tame midget and bacon expert, Ginia. Meanwhile, Nate rapes a cat, or a mother, or a corpse, (or all three) at a wedding.

MAP Episode 54: Where’s the News?

By Lusipurr

Produced 2010.02.28 Without decent news once again, the panel resorts to hurling slurs and epithets at each other. Obsessed with music of the 1980s, Nate Liles does his level best to seize the reins perforce using the magnificent weapon of his velveteen voice.

MAP Episode 19: Ethan’s Forward Stroke

By Lusipurr
Mario Universe

Produced 2009.06.21 The panel brings exclusive information on Mario Universe to its Dear Listeners, along with coverage of Final Fantasy IX Disc 3, Mr. Bilbo, and Sony’s latest string of woes. Don’t be a Montok; listen now!