MAP Episode 76: Joliver Biebtok

By Lusipurr
A mere glance at this picture fills me with a desire to end all things.

Produced 2010.08.01 When the podcast is routed through Australian Semaphore, unexpected felicity is the order of the day. Nate Liles is struck dumb, Ginia’s voice is lowered in pitch so humans can hear it, and Lusipurr is able to read poetry without constant interruption!

MAP Episode 75: Phoning It In

By Lusipurr
You *may* be an Inconsiderate Gus or an Unkind Gus, but you may not be a Rude Gus.

Produced 2010.07.25 With piss-poor news and scorching weather, the podcast panel is too knackered to think of anything witty or interesting to fill the time with. Lusipurr does his best to fill out the hour using every gimmick he can think of, but the panelists resist.

MAP Episode 74: Cruel Summer

By Lusipurr
Just so you know, she

Produced 2010.07.18 Lusipurr is depressed, and who can blame him? Forced to babysit Nate Liles once a week for several hours, he contemplates other paths his life might have taken: astronaut, president, Pope. Oh well, he’ll just have to settle for internet celebrity instead.

News: Accidentally the Everything

By Jenifer 'Biggs' Biggs
Tonberry Stabs Yuffie

I Accidentally the iTunes What is the laziest way to make money that’s taking the world by storm? Make an app. With the phrase “there’s an app for that” running rampant, developers ranging from well-known businesses to lonely nerds in their basement know that where there’s an app for that, there is money for it more »

MAP Episode 71: Lusi’s Shinglescast

By Lusipurr
You can FLY outside of battle!

Produced 2010.06.27 After a week of posting absolute nonsense, the staff finally decides to really drive a nail into their Fearless Leader’s coffin. Nate Liles explodes, leaving only Australians and Canadians behind. Meanwhile, Lusipurr comes down with Shingles.

MAP Episode 67: Educational Programming

By Lusipurr
The correct answer to

Produced 2010.05.30 With all of the usual panelists on the bus to E3, only Lusipurr and Ginia remain behind to cover the news. Luckily, guest panelist Eric Jordan has remained behind as well. The three cover the news, educationally, with all the puns that are fit to podcast.