TSM Episode 362: Bup-emon Blue

By Lusipurr

After SiliconNooB forgets his evening tipple, sobreity rears its ugly head and renders him unfit for service. Bup bestirs himself long enough to ruin the podcast in SiliconNooB’s stead, despite Lusipurr’s best efforts to keep everyone focused on Pokemon.

TSM Episode 12: Paid DLC

By Lusipurr
That Chris

Biggs gives us a Tokyo preview, Deimosion is DRM-free, Reetin leaves a galaxy far, far away, Enrei talks about talking, Blitzmage is puzzled by subscription DLC, Sabin prepares for Persona, and Lusipurr is no longer banned in Germany! Also: acrimony!

MAP Episode 48: Fastest Podcast Ever

By Lusipurr

Produced 2010.01.17 When Lusipurr fails to record properly, the entire podcast must be redone–but Nate Liles has only twenty minutes until his date at the local public house. With only minutes left and everything to play for, the only option is FASTEST PODCAST EVER. * * * * * * * This morning, we formally more »

MAP Episode 38: Your First Giveaway

By Lusipurr
2009.11.09 -- Your first homosexual cosplayer image!

Produced 2009.11.08 Lusipurr.com announces its first-ever game giveaway and the result of its first-ever plebiscite. Dragon Age: Origins, Final Fantasy XIII, Left 4 Dead 2, Trine, and Tales of Vesperia all make headlines–and so does Oliver Motok’s love for the ladyboys!