TSM Episode 321: Nintendoporn

By Lusipurr

When SiliconNooB drinks too much Australian Water, he finds himself unable to rise from bed. Heartened by an English test victory, Lusipurr assists his soaked co-host, and Bup joins them with a novel plan to help solve all of Nintendo’s many problems.

Editorial: Choices Are Strange Redux

By Java
...or slovenly psychological nightmares? Is there nothing in between?

Even in a time of war, Java will carve out a few hours for story time with a pointy clicky. This week, he tackles the second episode of Life is Strange. Is it possible to write more than a thousand words about such distant gameplay? Java aims to find out.

Editorial: From Norende to the Moon

By Java
Did someone drop their Nokia phone?

Java is impatient. He is supposed to be recovering from a nasty hand injury, one which momentarily prevented him from playing Bravely Default, but instead tortures himself even more by looking ahead to Bravely Second: End Layer. Welcome to Spoilertown!