Editorial: Gaming Needs Nintendo

By Iliya
Does anyone else hear the 50s Hygiene PSA music in the background?

For good or ill, Nintendo’s presence in the video game industry is vital for its survival. For all the mistakes the company has made throughout the years, they still represent a much needed core of how the industry progresses.

Editorial: Mega Man Musings

By Deimosion

Deciding after last week that he wants to write something positive, Deimosion spends this week’s post exploring why the classic Mega Man formula works so well. SPOILERS: Dr. Wily was behind everything the whole time!

Review: Tomba!

By Deimosion
The pig on the left looks like it has just soiled itself in fear. Tomba is a scary kid.

Tomba! is a cult classic Action-Platformer that received universal acclaim but poor sales. Daniel discusses and reviews this colorful, quirky, little-known PlayStation classic in this week’s review.