Editorial: Gaming in 1999

By Adeki

The final editorial in a series reflecting on the 90’s is here. The end of an era, truly the history books will go on to mark how stupendous these posts were. But the question lingers, what was gaming like in 1999? Read on to find out!

Editorial: Letting Go of Konami

By Mel
... I hope it

Mel looks somberly over a grave marked “Konami’s Relevancy” and gives a eulogy for a once-beloved games company. Come inside and see what old memories he has dredged up as well as a better insight into how it all came to this regrettable outcome.

MAP Episode 120: The End

By Lusipurr

With a crash, a bang, and a flush, the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast grinds to a halt amidst chaotic reporting of the E3 news. But do not fear: a new beginning awaits in The Starlight Megaphone. Stay tuned to Lusipurr.com, and remember: it goes up on Mondays!

MAP Episode 60: Interstate Booty Call

By Lusipurr

Produced 2010.04.11 On her way out the door for a cross-state lovefest, Biggs has just enough time to record a podcast with Prince Edward Island’s famous tame midget and bacon expert, Ginia. Meanwhile, Nate rapes a cat, or a mother, or a corpse, (or all three) at a wedding.

Review: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

By Bup

Konami and Climax Studios re-imagine the Silent Hill franchise with the latest installment in the series Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Shattered Memories allows the player to enter the shoes of Harry Mason on his quest to find his missing daughter Cheryl after a car accident in the town of Silent Hill.  The Wii version of the more »

Editorial: Games I Still Play

By Bup
Much like my heart...

I am notorious for buying and trading in games.  I have purchased games two or three times after trading them in.  However, there are still some I have owned for a few years and cannot even fathom getting rid of.  I am by no means a collector, but I still play these games.  Here I more »

Editorial: Why Silent Hill is better than Resident Evil

By Bup
Two great titans battle for the final time...

There are two things that make Silent Hill better than Resident Evil: the characters and the enemies.  Now, I love both series, so do not misunderstand me or flame me for “hating” on Resident Evil.  Resident Evil may have brought the survival horror genre to the mainstream with its release in 1996, but Silent Hill more »