Stephen “Slab Bulkhead” Mikesell

By Slab Bulkhead

Good day, citizens of the Fortress Slave Labor Camp! It would appear that I have been granted a position which I am to use to bring you all my opinions on the comings and goings of the gaming world, and to force upon you so-called ‘objective’ reviews on the newest (and oldest) games! How more »

MAP Episode 66: Cosporn Deviance

By Lusipurr
Rumour has it that you can unlock a secret dress-sphere for Yuna in FFX-2: The Pole-Dancer.

Produced 2010.05.23 Once again, the internet manages to sidetrack the panel into a discussion of matters unsavoury. News of GameStop DLC, LittleBigPlanet 2, and 3D PS3 games round out the news. Meanwhile, a quote from FFX-2: “BROTHER: Naked Yuna? I want to see!”