Editorial: Arrogance in Gaming

By Julian 'SiliconNooB' Taylor

Arrogance in gaming. It is as pervasive as a FART from NATE’s BUTT, and just as fecund. Sometimes it manifests as a trifling little niggle that sticks in your craw, while other times it is as a slap in the face. Often it occurs with such frequency that we can no longer see it, yet more »

Editorial: Why Do I Still Care?

By Julian 'SiliconNooB' Taylor

Japan you break my heart. I am deeply disappoint. You provided me succour throughout my childhood and adolescence, only to vacate the field of play when I needed you the most, and have most cruelly dashed my hopes and dreams for the current console generation. But enough of that, It is not the purpose of more »

MAP Episode 10: MasterChef’s DSCast

By Lusipurr
The Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast

Produced 2009.04.19 Our special guest joins the panel as we begin a two-week investigation into handheld gaming. The Nintendo DS is discussed whilst the DSi receives both scorn and praise. Finally, blockbuster news rounds out the equation. Listen now!

Review: Resident Evil 5

By Lee 'Vortex' Gordon

Resident Evil is a game which almost introduced the survival-horror concept to the untold masses during the original Playstation era. The series introduced gamers everywhere to the concept of limited ammo and a blood curdling B-movie-style story. Resident Evil helped to define a generation of games. Titles such as Silent Hill and Dead Space owe more »