Editorial: The Power of Limitations

By Mel
Grimy laboratory subbasements never looked so real!

Mel discusses the power of limitations through a quick analysis of the Resident Evil series. Limiting the abilities of the player and of the developer often leads to great things. But it is not always true when given total freedom. Read on and be amazed.

Editorial: Not What Was Expected

By Mel
Red barrels are explosive. Everyone knows this. Pictures of red barrels should be used indicate explosiveness.

Mel discusses what certain expectations of a game can do to the enjoyment of a game. Games that defy those expectations are not always bad, but these changes often abandon their original designs. Dive into this dilemma with Mel by clicking and reading!

TSM Episode 112: Nintend-woes

By Lusipurr

The Ashes continues at Chester-le-Street. Even though Lusipurr and SiliconNooB back opposing teams, they are united–along with Mel and TsubakiSamurai–in their dismay at Nintendo’s continued faffing about with the overpriced, under-supported, Wii U.