TSM Episode 117: Popular Demand

By Lusipurr
Mere words cannot express the expertise which the Final Fantasy XI and XIV development teams have when it comes to building an immersive, realistic world.

Despite another week of news from the front lines of the console wars, Lusipurr, Gyme, and SiliconNooB instead choose to examine the surprising success of Squeenix’s recently-relaunched Final Fantasy XIV and the perils of being too successful by half.

TSM Episode 114: Corporal Punishment

By Lusipurr
I look upon each new student as a gift--an opportunity to get my arm back into form for bowling.

England battle it out in London at The Oval, despite the weather, Australian Captain Clarke, and the laments of SiliconNooB (all-rounder-at-large). Imitanis dozes quietly whilst Lusipurr recites the most stirring piece of verse in his sizeable repertoire.

TSM Episode 112: Nintend-woes

By Lusipurr

The Ashes continues at Chester-le-Street. Even though Lusipurr and SiliconNooB back opposing teams, they are united–along with Mel and TsubakiSamurai–in their dismay at Nintendo’s continued faffing about with the overpriced, under-supported, Wii U.

TSM Episode 105: Xbox One-eighty

By Lusipurr
A Microsoft slain by hubris would have provided an object lesson for the industry--a salutary lesson on what happens to companies when they attack consumer rights. Now, that lesson will not be taught and, we fear, will go unlearned.

After a week of harsh industry commentary on the rolling nightmare that is Microsoft’s Xbone conundrum, Messrs. Don ‘Alf’ Mattrick and Co. perform the most astonishing volte-face since New Coke, shocking Lusipurr into purchasing both a Wii U and a PSVita!