TSM Episode 80: Into History

By Lusipurr
WHY are they still recording? WHY!? This is terrible!

In the final podcast of 2012–and Lusipurr.com’s 200th recorded podcast–Lusipurr and SiliconNooB are forced once again to report upon Nintendo’s misdeeds. Also, Tony Greig and the PS2 both begin the long walk from the present into the pages of history.

TSM Episode 64: Reality and Fantasy

By Lusipurr
Things which you do in the GAME do not affect the rest of the actual WORLD, Blitzmage. Gaining a level does not actually make the *real* you stronger.

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB are forced to have ‘the talk’ with Blitzmage, in which the older and wiser instruct the younger as to the realities of existence, and the fact that Final Fantasy is just a video game. Also: Metroid on the WiiU, and AMD everywhere.

TSM Episode 63: Another Boring Lecture

By Lusipurr
Lusipurr speaks. People listen.

In an effort to demonstrate his lecturing capability, Lusipurr tells Blitzmage and SiliconNooB a story. Then, after they awaken, Final Fantasy XIII news dominates the panel’s time. Buoyed by this, the participants finally avoid a series of lengthy rants.