MAP Episode 87: Return of the Lusi

By Lusipurr
Initially released in the US in 1987, Castlevania was a massive success. Unlike the Rock Opera now showing at the Meadowbrook Theatre.

Produced 2010.10.17 Lusipurr makes his much-desired return with Ginia and SiliconNooB on hand to provide important commentary on the issues of the day, including Final Fantasy XIV, the availability of Mew, the lack of NPD numbers, and the shocking sales of the PS Move.

MAP Episode 75: Phoning It In

By Lusipurr
You *may* be an Inconsiderate Gus or an Unkind Gus, but you may not be a Rude Gus.

Produced 2010.07.25 With piss-poor news and scorching weather, the podcast panel is too knackered to think of anything witty or interesting to fill the time with. Lusipurr does his best to fill out the hour using every gimmick he can think of, but the panelists resist.