TSM Episode 292: The Beginner RPG

By Lusipurr
Not only is Final Fantasy IX one of the best RPGs for beginners; it also has one of the best beginnings in an RPG.

Ethos and SiliconNooB discuss changes to PlayStation Network content and prices, Mel buys Smash Bros. fN3DS whilst Bup muses on Nintendo’s decision to release it just a month before the Wii U version, and Lusipurr searches for the best ‘beginner RPG’.

Editorial: A Smashing Primer

By Mel
But still only about HALF of what the newest game has!

Mel cracks open his encyclopedia of gaming knowledge and puts together a short primer of Smash Bros. technical terms. As a lead up to his review of the 3DS entry in the series, take a look at these terms and become more familiar with competitive play!