TSM Episode 280: Clipcast

By Lusipurr
When the APPLAUSE sign lights up, please applaud. Do not stop applauding until you hear the bell. Failure to obey these guidelines can result in removal from the audience, serious injury, or death.

When Lusipurr changes around the audio capabilities of the podcast, he forgets to rebalance the recording. The result is an ear-shattering trip through the news only made bearable after heavy application of Dynamic Range Compression. Technology ahoy!

Editorial: Control Freak

By Andrew 'Mel' Melcon
For the most part the Big Three seem to have understood the value of a good d-pad. So at least there

Mel takes a long hard look at the game controllers on offer this generation and weighs them against each other as well as their previous iterations. Which of the current options did he like best and why? Click through for the thrilling conclusion!