Editorial: Revisiting Exclusivity

By Mel

In the wake of a truly great exclusive, Mel looks at the practice as it has changed throughout this generation. Sony and Nintendo have very different relationships with exclusivity, but without question an exclusive can still be a valuable thing.

TSM Episode 318: Eastertides of War

By Lusipurr
Eventually to be replaced with

A twenty-three week reading concludes with SiliconNooB and Imitanis in attendance. Lusipurr imposes further sanctions as the Zestria War grinds ahead, and then dispenses helpful advice to hardware developers about what to leave out of console development.

Editorial: Nintendo Poops the Bed

By Java
Boom. That about sums it up.

While Java was still deliberating how to spend his Club Nintendo coins before that gets buried in its final resting place, he picked up a scent on the wind that led him to musings on Nintendo’s next membership service, some new hardware, and mobile games.