Editorial: Nintendo Launch Day Yippees

By Adeki
Nintendo Systems and Controllers SLIDER

Adeki embarks on an adventure full of Nintendo characters like Mario and Link as he watches Nintendo hit peaks and valleys with their previous consoles. Does the Switch have a chance of being as cool as the SNES? No, but still read this editorial.

News: Plastic Tat

By SiliconNooB
Welcome to the world of shitty ARM CPU emulation!

Nintendo reanimates the legacy of the NES in order to push plastic tat, Valve gets serious about stopping Steam item gambling, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions director laments Nintendo censorship in the news of the week!

Editorial: A Very Attractive Shovel

By Mel
On the off chance I hate the game I will pretend I never made this post and quietly ignore any evidence to the contrary.

Mel bides his time waiting for Shovel Knight by examining why this game has swept the internet off its feet even before release day. Nostalgia plays a factor, but what else? Click on through while waiting for the game to download!