TSM Episode 290: Jitterbug

By Lusipurr
Conveniently, the car boot is large enough to store a grill, a table, an entire set of glass dinner plates, several metal cups, flatware, and a portable fire which, for reasons unclear, is located outside of the grill. Also, the car comes complete with a wardrobe, filled with hair products and unsuitable clothing.

Following the Tokyo Games Show, Lusipurr fires everyone and releases scores of jitterbugs, resulting in a curious increase in productivity, Mel prepares himself for handheld Smash Bros., and SiliconNooB realises that there is no exploration in Metro.

Review: Tales of Xillia

By Tsubaki
A cosplayers dream come true.

Namco Bandai have recently opened the floodgates for Tales games in the West. Does the latest entry do anything to garner a broader western audience, or does it simply cater to its established fan base?

News: Final Fantasy VII in HD

By SiliconNooB
Now in grorious HD! (PC onry).

Square Enix announce a HD re-release of Final Fantasy VII, Namco Bandai announce the Western release of Tales of Xillia, and an EU court abolishes software EULAs even as John Riccitiello cries tears for speculative money in this week’s positive news boons