TSM Episode 438: New Romanticism

By Lusipurr
Abandoned Treehouse SLIDER

Lusipurr, Adeki, and SiliconNooB together repair to nature in hopes of enjoying its manifold restorative blessings. But, following their exposure to inclement elements and irritating fauna, then each return whence they came with untrammeled haste.

Editorial: The Church of Oculus Rift

By Java
...in his pants.

Four days ago, Java said something about trying to recreate Inception on an Oculus Rift. He has not emerged from the basement since. There was something from him via e-mail, so that will be presented while deciding if there is need to call an ambulance.

Editorial: Mario Kart Hate

By Mel
The two-rider system made for some interesting co-op at least.

Mel puts down his Wii U Pro Controller long enough to discuss his thoughts on the small hysteria that surrounded the lead-up and launch of Mario Kart 8. Throughout he read many opinions on the game and the series and now he wants a turn behind the wheel.

Review: Mario Kart 7

By Ethos
This game is not good.

Ethos is a long time Mario Kart fan. He has fond memories of purchasing a Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart 64 and playing for 8 hours straight as a child. He also loved Mario Kart DS. Does his love hold for Mario Kart 7? Read on to find that the answer is NO.