Editorial: Gaming in 1998

By Adeki
Ocarina of Time 3DS SLIDER

Adeki braces himself for the penultimate editorial in this series navigating through the trippy decade known as the ’90s and ponders the existence of life itself. Adeki also tries to figure out what to do after this series is over, only time will tell!

Editorial: Dress Well, Avoid Hell

By Adeki
But just LOOK at how well he wears that suit.

Adeki dons a dapper suit and decides to investigate some of the most well-dressed characters in gaming. Does an outfit made out of body hair qualify? Or is it actually just kind of disgusting when you think of the practicality of it? Read on to find out!

Editorial: Remaking Perfection

By Adeki
Gee willikers, it is pretty.

Adeki dives head-first into confronting video game remakes to see what can go right and what can go terribly wrong. Are remakes ruined by nostalgia for the original, or should the developer leave the product alone to stand the tests of time?

TSM Episode 275: Live at E3 2014

By Lusipurr
This picture was actually taken by us when we were actually at E3 which we were actually at this year and where we are actually at right now where I am actually writing this from E3 where we really are for real.

Lusipurr and Ethos travel to Los Angeles to cover E3 2014, and then they record this podcast in the lobby of their hotel (also in L.A.). Join them as they reflect on the first day, and the conferences of Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony. Pink drinks ahoy!