Editorial: Create and Play Games

By Adeki
Super Mario Maker Screenshot 01 SLIDER

Adeki did not have time to create an excerpt for this editorial so instead he is entrusting the readers to use his personal dictionary to craft their own excerpt. He is too busy playing games that let you create other games from within. Read on!

TSM Episode 301: Banned in Oz

By Lusipurr
But, this year, there will be no joy beneath the tree for little fans of Grand Theft Auto.

With the rest of the other staff members locked in the basement to sleep off an Episode 300 hangover, Lusipurr and Mel record a podcast. But then, Jack Thompson arrives with his Australian Lady Army, pulling Lusipurr from shelves across the land. Horror!

Editorial: Medic!

By Mel

In a look at how games can help the recovery process, Mel shares a couple stories of his own time spent recovering with games. Escapism can be a vital tool, not just a form of entertainment. Click on through and acquire some medical benefits!

Review: Grand Theft Auto V

By Gyme
Grand Theft Auto V Box Art

Easily the most hyped game of the year, GTA V generated an astonishing one billion dollars in sales over three days. Is this just brogamers being brogamers or does GTA V deserve all this excitement? Gyme spent forty hours in Los Santos to get the truth.

Editorial: Being Responsible

By Gyme
Of course GTA V is to blame for everything terrible!

Another terrible shooting this week, but the media’s favorite target did not release until the day after the tragedy. There is no way the media could blame GTA V for Monday’s event, right? Think again.

TSM Episode 72: The Lusicast

By Lusipurr
Impressive, though the hat should be a bowler.

For the second time running, Lusipurr cannot remember what episode he is recording–but all is well, for this week he has assembled the first panel comprised solely of intelligent, cultured, industrious men. A veritable deluge of sophistication awaits!