Editorial: Wanting More

By Mel
And maybe that

Mel ponders and pontificates about the difference between wanting more of the same experience in a new game or wanting something completely different. It could be that both are great reasons to buy games or that Mel is just WRONG. Find out!

Music: Take Us Away

By Zoltan
Now all we need is a Vanille song...

Tasked with producing something ‘light’, ‘pleasant’, and ‘beach-appropriate’, The Legendary Zoltan has to dig deep. The locomotional result is a smooth, lounge jazz track written in collaboration with Selphie Tilmitt, and sung by some guy on the internet.

TSM Episode 16: Rinoa in Space

By Lusipurr
Final Fantasy VIII is just a dream that Selphie has whilst on a train to her classes at Trabia Garden.

In this week’s episode, Emmori prepares for a game involving thrones, Enrei is humbled by a bundle, Blitzmage announces a free soundtrack, and Lusipurr is finally released! Also: The Final Fantasy VIII playthrough continues through week two, sadly.

TSM Episode 14: It’s Gr-VIII

By Lusipurr

Enrei gets massive, multiplayer, and ONLINE, Deimosion relates remakes, Reetin is out for FREE, Blitzmage is better in Europe, and Lusipurr has a wish granted. Also, the Lusipurr.com Autumn playthrough of Final Fantasy VIII begins this week!