Editorial: Gaming in 1999

By Adeki

The final editorial in a series reflecting on the 90’s is here. The end of an era, truly the history books will go on to mark how stupendous these posts were. But the question lingers, what was gaming like in 1999? Read on to find out!

TSM Episode 340: The PlayStation Era

By Lusipurr
...seems he sold his copy of Chocobo Racing.

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis set the record straight by categorically proving (using Science) that the PlayStation era set the stage for some of the greatest games ever made, whilst simultaneously undermining the future of the industry as a whole.

Editorial: Wanting More

By Mel
And maybe that

Mel ponders and pontificates about the difference between wanting more of the same experience in a new game or wanting something completely different. It could be that both are great reasons to buy games or that Mel is just WRONG. Find out!

Music: Take Us Away

By Zoltan
Now all we need is a Vanille song...

Tasked with producing something ‘light’, ‘pleasant’, and ‘beach-appropriate’, The Legendary Zoltan has to dig deep. The locomotional result is a smooth, lounge jazz track written in collaboration with Selphie Tilmitt, and sung by some guy on the internet.

TSM Episode 16: Rinoa in Space

By Lusipurr
Final Fantasy VIII is just a dream that Selphie has whilst on a train to her classes at Trabia Garden.

In this week’s episode, Emmori prepares for a game involving thrones, Enrei is humbled by a bundle, Blitzmage announces a free soundtrack, and Lusipurr is finally released! Also: The Final Fantasy VIII playthrough continues through week two, sadly.