Editorial: Pixel Fantasy 76800

By Sebastian
Doing more at 256x224 than any modern game could ever hope to match.

Sony’s PlayStation brought us epic, multi-disc RPGs, but the technical limitations of the system resulted in games that do not look as good today. Conversely, SNES titles often look very good on modern displays, leading to this resolution exploration.

Editorial: Levity

By Ethos
Off course.

Ethos examines comedy in video games by opening with a premise, exploring that premise with examples and then asking the readers to participate in the discussion. How frightfully exciting!

TSM Episode 292: The Beginner RPG

By Lusipurr
Not only is Final Fantasy IX one of the best RPGs for beginners; it also has one of the best beginnings in an RPG.

Ethos and SiliconNooB discuss changes to PlayStation Network content and prices, Mel buys Smash Bros. fN3DS whilst Bup muses on Nintendo’s decision to release it just a month before the Wii U version, and Lusipurr searches for the best ‘beginner RPG’.

Editorial: Beginnings

By Ethos
Just like Terra

Ethos – along with all of Lusipurr.com – is just setting out on his Christmas in Narshe adventure. To set the tone, he looks at how the game in question opens and why a strong opening is so important to an RPG.