Editorial: Rewarding Inactivity

By Adeki
The Stanley Parable Office SLIDER

Adeki lies about, he sleeps for a few hours, and sometimes he just writhes on his bed listening to DeBarge. But Adeki ponders to himself, “what if video games rewarded me not playing them?” The search begins for games that reward inactivity, so read on!

TSM Episode 309: Imitanus!

By Lusipurr
Use Imitanus on Your Anus!

Fresh on the heels of the development of Zestria, Lusipurr Labs produces another vital and useful product: Imitanus, for your anus. SiliconNooB and Imitanis test the product and its application facilities, which are very popular with lorry drivers.

Editorial: Break Point

By Mel
Done. Check the box. Alligators. We did it, folks. Gameplay.

Mel poops on AAA game development by going over the spectacular failures that sector has produced in the last quarter of 2014. From Bungie and Ubisoft, to Respawn Entertainment, Mel discusses some of what went wrong.

News: Ass Credit

By SiliconNooB
The innocence of a child - Ubisoft devours it as though it were moldy cheese!

Ubisoft has begun grooming children to play Assassin’s Creed games, Ubisoft has cancelled the Unity season pass but refuses a refund, and Ubisoft is back up to their review trickery in the news of the week!