Editorial: Rewarding Inactivity

By Adeki
The Stanley Parable Office SLIDER

Adeki lies about, he sleeps for a few hours, and sometimes he just writhes on his bed listening to DeBarge. But Adeki ponders to himself, “what if video games rewarded me not playing them?” The search begins for games that reward inactivity, so read on!

TSM Episode 8: Optimism

By Lusipurr

DurgaSyn counts ’em all, SiliconNooB has buyer’s remorse, RootBeerKing is coming out, Reetin is working for a Christmas release, Emmori is shocked, Enrei is Indie, Deimosion gets litigious, and Lusipurr makes a statement. Also: optimism ABOUNDS!

Editorial: The Worst Game I Have Ever Played

By Bup

The other day I decided to try out Ju-On: The Grudge- Haunted House Simulator. This is probably the worst mistake I have ever made (followed a close second by my ill-fated meeting with Lusipurr).  There is absolutely nothing good about this game.  The graphics are horrible (especially for a Wii title), the controls are like more »

MAP Episode 12: Oliver’s Tea Time

By Lusipurr
The Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast

Produced 2009.05.03 The knowledgeable and sagacious staff of Lusipurr.com offer a complete and in-depth review of the things that matter to gamers: what goes with Darjeeling tea, what are the best stamp-collecting games, and where is Oliver going for dinner?