TSM Episode 10: Graphic Art

By Lusipurr

Reetin is flying high, Enrei is soft on the eyes, Blitzmage is simplified, Breaka is getting a redesign, and Lusipurr doesn’t want these hats. Companies sue each other as Summer ends, whereas Valve treats protesters to a free lunch, tour, and playtest!

MAP Episode 34: The Great Podcast Marathon

By Lusipurr

Produced 2009.10.11 Lusipurr and Ethan are exhausted after an entire day podcasting. Ginia tries to cheer them up by talking about her WoW characters, but this only serves to drive Ethan mad. Suddenly, Lusipurr sees a penis! What will happen next? Listen to find out! * * * Setting aside all humour for a moment, more »