News: Shafting the Customers

By SiliconNooB
Electronic Arts Chair SLIDER

EA bans the entire country of Burma from playing vidya, Windows 10 Store bought games do not allow online multiplayer with other PC versions, and Street Fighter V has sold fewer than 100k copies over the last six months in the news of the week!

News: 4chan Loves Tea

By SiliconNooB
The pride of the East Arkansas military corps!

4chan’s /v/ board celebrates the healthful properties of tea, H1Z1’s developer concocts novel punishments for cheaters, and making games for Nintendo platforms is rarely viable in the news of the week!

Editorial: A Modern Proposal

By Mel
Exclusive speed pants! Why would anyone be angry about this?!

Mel has a sudden change of heart about almost everything in the games industry and he takes the time this week to explore some of his new positions. Are they good positions or great ones? Only one way to decide.