TSM Episode 32: Mexican Platinum

By Lusipurr
Ninja interdiction AUTHORISED. Orders: Search and destroy. ENGAGE.

Still reeling from the week’s expose on notorious cheater and sneak Louis “I Downloaded My Platinums on the Internet” Vazquez, the panel manages to scrape together some news with the help of veteran podcaster and cat expert, Chris ‘Siamese’ Privitere.

TSM Episode 31: Dalekcast

By Lusipurr
In addition to an army of ninjas, Lusipurr also maintains a personal arsenal of Daleks.

The Lusipurr.com Worst of the Year Awards are presented in a podcast covering the Fallout MMO Rights, EA’s decision that Mass Effect 3 must be on Origins, and the downfall of SOPA and PIPA, the podcast seeks to EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE!

TSM Episode 13: Unlucky Thirteen

By Lusipurr
Oh! I know what it is! There is no button that says

In a massive panel, you’ll find Blitzmage on linearity, Ginia on bundles, SiliconNooB on Origins, RootBeerKing on Tales Of, Slab Bulkhead on attachments, Deimosion on milking, Reetin on leves, Enrei on From Dust, and Lusipurr is online… on the Wii!?