TSM Episode 52: E3 2012

By Lusipurr
Do any of these symbols still have the power to impress anyone? I doubt it.

Lusipurr and Thea are away on their honeymoon, but the man in the black cape has made provision to ensure that the podcast connexion remains unbroken. Working with SiliconNooB, Lusipurr reports on the most important news–great and small–from E3 2012.

TSM Episode 51: LusiWeds

By Lusipurr
Mawwiage is why we are gathered here! Mawwiage and wuv! Twue wuv!

Recorded live and in person, Lusipurr.com staff members, guests, readers, and associates gather together to celebrate the wedding of Lusipurr and Thea. Unsurprisingly, a podcast suddenly transpires, and Paws arrives only in time to close things out.

News: E3 2012 – Thursday

By SiliconNooB
Your head certainly is not spinning from any amazing news.

The events of E3 (Thursday) – Featuring: Nintendo revels that the Miiverse social network will be thoroughly gimped, the Wii U might have an even more scant launch line-up than we feared, and New Super Mario Bros 2 is doing something different with coins.

News: E3 2012 – Wednesday

By SiliconNooB
Oh shut up, its not like gay Pokemon hentai didn

The events of E3 (Wednesday) – Featuring: Nintendo throw a mediocre 3DS conference, and it is revealed that Konami will be sticking with an ambient orchestral soundtrack for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate.