Editorial: In Which SiliconNooB Gets in a Fix

By SiliconNooB

When is the correct time, and what is the correct pace in which to modernise a franchise. Should it even occur if a winning formula is not broken? NOPE! Funnily enough this line of questioning wasn’t prompted by Final Fantasy XIII (the worst game ever created). Complete morons will try to tell you that the more »

MAP Episode 53: Sexcast

By Lusipurr

Series 2 gets off to a foul start when Oliver & Ethan join from their Canadian love nest. Descriptions of their sexual misadventures follow until Nate Liles, overcome with revulsion, loses his tenuous grip on reality and believes himself to be Lady Gaga.

MAP Episode 46: Oh! By Jingo!

By Lusipurr

Produced 2010.01.03 After a night spent shouting “Oh! By Jingo!” until they were hoarse, the panelists find themselves facing a podcast in a week without news or releases. Exhausted, and in some cases hung-over, they decide to record themselves sleeping, instead. * * * Special New Year’s Bonus: Participate in the yearly Christmas sing-along as more »

Editorial: My Top Nine of 2009

By Bup

Today is Wednesday, which means a new amazing post by everyone’s favorite NATE LILES!  As I have not had time to play anything worth reviewing over the past week I have decided to make my final post of 2009 about my top nine games of the year.  Many of you will notice that I am more »