Editorial: Read The Contracts, People!

By Lane 'The Fallen Sun' Haygood
Phil Hartmann was a genius.

I may just be an unfrozen caveman lawyer, but I do know this… game journalists are not lawyers (as a rule). A lot of people have the same types of questions about games: what can game companies and publishers really do with end-user license agreements (EULAs)? That is always a tricky proposition; there are lots more »

Review: Dragon Age 2 Demo

By Lane 'The Fallen Sun' Haygood
Dragon Age 2: Hawke

The Dragon Age 2 demo is out, for those of my readers that live in caves. As longtime followers my jaunty scribblings will testify, I was a big fan of Dragon Age: Origins, both in terms of its solid, BioWare-infused gameplay and the foray into dark fantasy storytelling, which is often passed over in favor more »