Videos: R.I.P., Yeti

By Reetin
Dark Souls SLIDER

Imitanis plays Oxygen Not Included, Durga dies a lot in Dark Souls II, Lusipurr continues leveling in Overwatch, and Reetin’s microphone dies with terrible results for the stream.

Editorial: With All Due Credit

By Mel
We know who he is, but I

Game directors are usually less famous than their creations, and this week Mel examines if this has a negative effect on the gaming medium. Should developers have more notoriety? Do they already? Read and discuss!

Editorial: Handling the Skill Gap, Part 2

By Mel
And actually, a lot less useful...

Skill in games between players is one thing, but a game pits the player against themselves to overcome the various challenges present within. How a player is meant to progress is important, and Mel discusses how some games handle that better than others.

News: UbiBamco

By SiliconNooB
Bandai Namco really are proper shits!

Bandai Namco intentionally break their own game, Ubisoft does something typically deceitful, and NeoGAF’s Verendus opens a Pandora’s Box full of exciting industry rumours in the news of the week!

Editorial: Blood Born-Again

By Mel
If anything it threatens to become too actiony, but I have some faith Miyazaki will preserve the feel of the series.

This week Mel examines the preview coverage of Bloodborne that has been pouring out of the many games shows lately. From those previews he has gained a modicum of faith in director Hidetaka Miyazaki for his boldness to forgo the familiar.

Editorial: Dark Souls 2, Afterword

By Mel
Not that I attempted PvP. That shit is bananas.

Mel spares little this week in his look back at the hotly anticipated Dark Souls 2. Though he only wanted the best for the game, and though he did have fun with the title while it lasted, he cannot shake the feelings of disappointment.

Editorial: Intriguing Mystery

By Mel
Lets hope that Dark Souls 2 maintains this sense of mystery.

This week Mel discusses how mystery can be an effective tool in game design to make the player want more by giving them less. Is withholding information a better way to make a game? Come inside and see!