Editorial: Modern-Retro Indie Games

By Adeki
Shovel Knight SLIDER

As part of Adeki’s campaign for the presidency, he began to ask for what the readers of Lusipurr.com and delivered while simultaneously dodging questions about past decisions to liquify senators for profit. The people demand modern-retro indies! Read on!

Editorial: The Indie Premium

By Adeki
Flannel and sinful fingers.

Adeki, along with four dedicated game developers, wrote this editorial over a period of five years to see if indie games charge too much for their content. Are indie developers overcharging the consumer, or do their limitations even out? Read on!

MAP Episode 58: Get Your Crush On

By Lusipurr
All this can be yours for only $53.70 an hour!

Produced 2010.03.28 Eric Jordan makes a long overdue return just in time to cover the final week of the Final Fantasy XIII feature. Then, following a discussion of gaming wank firm GameCrush, Nate Liles falls suspiciously silent. Ginia and Lusi suspect the worse–and rejoice!