MAP 107: The Wrath of the Great Potato

By Lusipurr
O(taku), the HUMANITY!

Produced 2011.03.13 Japan is levelled, Otaku mourn their toppled figurines, and the panel consider the public thrashing dealt out to Dragon Age II and producer Biotronic Artwares. Ginia signs off amidst scenes of international carnage–surely, the wrath of the Great Potato!

Editorial: What is behind Nintendo’s return to form?

By SiliconNooB

It is no secret that Nintendo stole this year’s E3. In the face of Sony’s rather pedestrian affair and Microsoft’s embarrassing implosion, Nintendo’s conference was the shining beacon of hope in an otherwise depressing expo. After many years frozen out in the cold Nintendo rained down their golden shower upon their long suffering core fans, more »

Editorial: E3 days zero and one; a focus on casual waggle

By SiliconNooB

Well, it’s that time of year again. With the heady excess of E3 about to get into full-swing, and the flirtatious booth vixens (with more than a subtle hint of UNDERBOOB) are about paint themselves up and don ill-fitting costumes in the thin pretence that they are one of us, this should be a time more »